Water and Hygiene Treatment

As client's safety is of the utmost importance at F.A.M.E  we undertake complete water risk assessments of all types of industrial, commercial and healthcare properties, catering for the increasing need for the management and control of water systems, and in particular, the control of conditions in which Legionella bacteria may develop.

Through addressing issues such as scaling, corrosion and deposition that affect boiler performance, F.A.M.E can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, reliability and safety; and extend asset lifecycles. We can also ensure your Cooling towers and water storage tanks are kept clean and in good operational condition by  undertaking the remedial cleaning and disinfection of both cooling water systems and hot and cold water systems, all in accordance with relevant specifications.

To ensure this is done efficiently, clients receive reports and associated log books related to any specific sites. The site logbook includes schedules of activities required to comply with legislation and all recommended works and their frequency. Water tests are completed by independent UKAS accredited laboratories and findings are recorded.

We also offer quotations for the implementation of any works recommended. Give us a call today on 01384 424 111.